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The most important thing for any baseball player wanting to get to the next level is to know where he currently stands and what he would need to improve to be able to compete at that level. If you have found this page without knowing where you stand, please go to our Online Evaluation so that you know what tools you may need improvement on. Whether it be

Every player can improve their skills no matter what level they are at. Though it is highly unlikely for a player to go from a score of 4 to a 10, an improvement in your weakest skill from a 4 to a 5 could be enough for that player to make their high school team, or to turn a high school non prospect into a prospect.

Like most things in life, becoming better at something typically involves a lot of work as well as
having a good coach. Nothing comes easy, but nothing also comes if all your hours are spent doing the wrong drills, or more often, doing the drills incorrectly.

Many of the idea's and tips are shared discussed in our own
Eval’s BaseBlog are not intended to be the be-all and end-all of the mechanics of baseball. There is no "one way" to do things. Philosophies do change and arguments do occur between coaches. Most good coaches will acknowledge that even though they may be passionate about one particular method, there are other methods out there that may also cultivate success.

No matter what you do... make sure that what you are working on makes sense. For everything that you try to implement into your game, you should have some understanding as to how it is going to help you. Ask questions if you don't understand something, and the answer of “Because that is the way it is supposed to be done" is not a good enough explanation. A good instructor will encourage his players to question why they are being asked to do certain drills. It is important that you have a clear understanding as to why moving your body in a certain way will help you. When it is all said and done, you will be practicing without your instructor far more often than when he will be with you. If you don't understand why you are doing certain things, you will never be able to help yourself fix any problems which are guaranteed to come up at some point during your playing career. A good instructor not only tries to make his player better, he will also try to teach that player to be his own instructor.


The most important thing needed for improving arm strength is first making sure your body is working sequentially to create torque instead of trying to muscle the ball toward your target. Most adults are capable of throwing the ball over 80 mph if their throwing mechanics are sound. A good pitching coach will be able to help a player correct any flaws and help that player figure out their "individual" arm slot.

See the
"Improve Arm Strength" link for drills to improve throwing mechanics and velocity.


Running is the most important tool for a baseball player to have. Good foot speed will allow you to make plays in the field others cannot, beat out infield hits, stretch basehits into extra basehits, and most importantly, score more runs. It is so important, that some coaches exclusively look for speed and hope to help teach the other skills. It is important for you to realize that every level you move up, JV to Varsity, high school to college, college to professional baseball, the speed of the game increases. Pitchers throw faster, balls are hit harder, fielders get rid of the ball quicker (and also throw harder), and in order to be able to compete, runners need to run faster as well.

Improving your foot speed IS POSSIBLE! As with other skills most players can improve their speed by simply correcting their running form, so obtaining a qualified speed coach is advised.

Click on the
"Improve My Foot Speed" link for drills for improving strength and technique.


Everyone wants to hit HomeRuns. There are many factors that go into hitting the ball with power. Most people identify a power hitter with size and strength, and though size and strength are helpful, there are many other variables which go into the equation to being a good power hitter. Hitting for Power and Hitting for Average go hand in hand in many ways as will be discussed on this site.

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"Improve My Power" link for tips on how to improve your power.


Being able to put the bat on the ball and get a hit is as much mental as it is physical. The best swing in the world cannot overcome a hitter who is not mentally prepared to hit. Hitting is not something you have to be an exceptional athlete to be able to do. Many great hitters are not what most of us would call an elite athlete. To be a great hitter, it helps to have a good swing, however, it is even more important for that player to have confidence.

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"Improve My Average" link for help on becoming a better hitter.


Fielding is a little tricky to sum up in one quick sentence, as it can be very different depending on the position being played. However, like everything else good technique when practicing is vital for any fielder to develop their skills with the glove. In the Improve My Fielding portion of this website, we will break down drills and techniques for each position.

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"Improve My Fielding" page to see drills and practice plans for all positions.

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